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Data Ed Online is the the longest running (10 years and counting) live webinar dedicated to data management topics

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Data Ed Online is my monthly data management webinar that focuses on how to unlock business value through foundational data management practices and techniques

All webinars consist of a 60-minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute interactive Q&A session - come join us!

Produced in conjunction with our long time partners at Dataversity who have the finest collection of data management educational resources on the web.

Yes - all registrants will recieve a link to the recording a couple of days after each event

Dataversity sends a link to the slides within two business days after the webinar.  You are always welcome to repurpose my slides with attribution! Many of them originated with you!  Please let me know if you want the original source files?


Business Value through Reference & Master Data Strategies

13 July 2021 19:00 UTC (2:pm NYC)

Data tends to pile up and can be rendered unusable or obsolete without careful maintenance processes. Reference and Master Data Management (MDM) has been a popular Data Management approach to effectively gain mastery over not just the data but the supporting architecture for processing it. This webinar presents MDM as a strategic approach to improving and formalizing practices around those data items that provide context for many organizational transactions—its master data. Too often, MDM has been implemented technology-first and achieved the same very poor track record (one-third succeeding on-time, within budget, and achieving planned functionality). MDM success depends on a coordinated approach typically involving Data Governance and Data Quality activities. 

Learning Objectives:

•  Understand foundational reference and MDM concepts
    based on the Data Management Body of Knowledge
•  Understand why these are an important component of
    your Data Architecture
•  Gain awareness of Reference and MDM Frameworks
    and building blocks
•  Know what MDM guiding principles consist of
    and best practices
•  Know how to utilize reference and MDM
    in support of business strategy

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